Embrace the Pain

“For the Lord your God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory.”
‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭20:4‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Embrace the pain my fellow believers. As it’s been said before, if this walk in the name of Jesus were easy, everyone would be doing it. But instead He has called you to walk this life being the vessel of light for all  to see. He called you to take an offensive situation and turn it into one of compassion in trying to understand the other person’s perspective. He is the the one who has taken you this far, so don’t give up now. For He has called you to walk through this storm, to take hold of His word, to lift up your sword and fight with Authority. No way are you going down, not with the mighty strength of God on your side. But you have to BELIEVE! You have to seek Him out when trouble comes your way, because at the end of the day He is the one that fights for you and  puts an end to all of your battles. It’s already been done by the blood of Jesus. So keeping on walking, run to Him, get down on your knees if you have to, but have no fear God will not let the devil win.

God will take you from victory to victory. So stay strong and embrace the pain.

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