God’s Generous Heart

What first comes to your mind when you think of generosity? Usually people think of generosity in giving physical gifts, especially around Christmas. We’re wrapped up in what we need to get that friend and that family member, and we forget the most precious gift of all, Jesus Christ. A gift that was so freely given to us yet cost so much. The definition of generosity is the quality of being kind and generous. Another definition is the quality or fact of being plentiful or in abundance.

God sent his one and only son to die for us so that we can live life and life abundantly, filled with joy and peace. God sent his one and only son to be crucified and nailed on a cross, for our freedom, for our salvation, for you, and for me. That’s a generous God.

Time and time again in the bible, you’ll read of God’s heart for us sinners. You’ll read how much God’s love for us is endless, limitless, and abounds even when least deserve it.

There aren’t many people so willing to sacrifice their own son, let alone their only son, to watch him suffer and die for undeserving people, but God sent His son Jesus to show us a heart so generous for a people that He thinks are worthy!

This Christmas let’s thank God for the birth of our savior. Let’s give thanks that our God is so generous and loving toward us. Let’s give him thanks and praise for the life that was sent to us to be an example to all people.

Prayer: Thank you Father God for sending your son Jesus to die for me, when I don’t deserve it. I thank you that your heart is so generous that you think of me as deserving and worthy of your love. I pray this Christmas regardless of my financial circumstance that I may be reminded of your generosity and I will be able to carry the same heart to be generous to others, generous with my heart, generous with my time, and generous with my money. Help me to enlarge in generosity so I can walk with your heart and walk in your ways. Remind me this season of the most precious gift of all, which is your son Jesus and my salvation. Thank you for sending him to save sinners like me and that peace, joy, and your love may rule this world and my heart. In Jesus name, Amen.

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